What We Believe

Wadsworth Avenue Baptist Church is a living, loving Christian Church that places a high value on relationships, authentic growth & the creative arts.


God: We believe God eternally exists in three distinct persons each equal in attributes and power - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. We believe Jesus (Yeshua) is God's only Son, the Messiah, who is without sin and who came to earth for the express purpose of giving His life to be a ransom for the sins of all people. We believe Jesus is God. We believe the Holy Spirit is God. We believe the Holy Ghost indwells each believer. We believe the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ. We do not believe in the modern tongues movement. We believe the triune God created all things and holds all things together. We believe God is Sovereign over all things in heaven, in earth, and under the earth and His will is being and will be accomplished in these same three realms.


The Bible: We believe the Bible consists of only sixty-six books (Genesis through Revelation). We believe God breathed the very words of Scripture (all of them) and superintended the men (whom He chose) in the process each had in writing the Scripture. We believe God has preserved His Word in New Testament form in the manuscript text known as the Textus Receptus. We further believe God has preserved His Word in Old Testament form in the manuscript text known as the Masoretic Text. Finally, we believe God has preserved His Word in the English language in the Bible known as the Authorized Version or the King James Bible. The Authorized Bible is our sole rule of faith and practice. We believe it is the local church’s responsibility to handle, preserve and reproduce God’s Word for a lost and dying world.


The Church: We believe the church is a local, visible assembly of born again believers who have been baptized by immersion after their decision to accept Jesus as Messiah. We believe the church has only two offices - pastor and deacon. We believe the church has only 2 ordinances - baptism and the Lord's Supper. We believe the church's primary and all-important business is to tell every person in the world about the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, baptize those who will believe and accept Jesus as their personal Messiah, and to teach them to observe His Word in love.


Salvation: We believe salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah. We believe a person must repent of their sin in order to be saved. We believe all persons are dead in sin from their birth and must be born-again by faith in the finished work of Jesus the Messiah on the cross of Calvary. We believe salvation is the gift of God and unable to be earned by any means.


The Second Coming: We believe the Second Coming of Jesus will be in two parts. First, we believe in a pre-tribulation return by Christ in the sky to take His church up into heaven; and second, we believe in a physical return of Messiah to the earth (bringing His saints with Him at the end of the tribulation) wherein He will rescue the remnant of the Jewish race (Israel), defeat all enemies physical and spiritual, and set-up His earthly kingdom on the throne of His father David ruling the world from Jerusalem, Israel, for at least 1,000 years.


The Resurrections: We believe in a bodily resurrection of all persons. We believe the body, soul, and spirit of each person will be resurrected and the body changed to accommodate his or her respective destiny of eternal abode. Those who have trusted Jesus as their Savior will receive glorified bodies capable of heavenly transport. Those who die in their sins (unregenerate) will have their bodies resurrected and equipped only to stand before Jesus to be judged by their works and thereby condemned to an eternal existence of pain, agony, and suffering in hell - a place of literal fire and torment.


Missions: We believe in missions. We believe God is a missionary God. We believe the Bible is a missionary book. We believe the Church's primary efforts must be missionary, church planting, and evangelistic efforts!






SundayP.S. 132 Auditorium
185 Wadsworth Avenue (182nd and 183rd)
New York, NY 10033 (Entry on 182 St.)
Wednesday: Ft Wash. Heights Pres. Church
21 Wadsworth Avenue at 174 St.
Permanent Address:
210 Wadsworth Avenue
New York, NY 10033
(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 635)

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Sunday Bible Class: 10AM
Sunday Worship and Preaching Service: 11AM
Wednesday Bible Study: 7PM
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